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The past year upended the way we engage with content, and brands have had to adjust accordingly. As consumers flocked to their biggest (and smallest) screens, marketers followed suit and adapted their strategies to center around the home.

Download Innovid’s Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks Report to see what our data revealed about video and display advertising trends in such an unprecedented year, and gain insights to guide your 2021 marketing strategy.


Report Highlights:

  • Global CTV impressions increased 60% year over year.
  • Programmatic impressions served to CTV increased by over 200% year over year.
  • Advanced creative video formats generated a 309% lift in engagement. For display, dynamic creative generated a 37% lift in CTR over standard creative.

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Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks
Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks
Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks