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To uncover how advertising trends have shifted in such an unprecedented time, Innovid analyzed over 200 billion of global impressions from 2020 across more than 550 advertisers. Researchers looked across mobile, desktop, CTV devices, and social platforms to compile the most complete picture of video advertising in terms of benchmarks and insights globally.

This advertising report provides key insights and takeaways for marketers to implement in their omni-channel strategies. As consumers flocked to their biggest (and smallest) screens, marketers followed suit and adapted their strategies to center around the home.

The golden age of linear TV is fading as consumers increasingly are making a switch to streaming. It is clear that streaming is a global phenomenon, and our data shows that CTV is driving the growth of global video impression, increasing to 60% year over year.

This report will help you understand:

  • What channels are driving engagement globally?
  • How have consumer behaviors changed?
  • What are the trends in programmatic advertising marketing?
  • Why does advanced creative boost customer agility and loyalty?
  • How to make CTV the center of your omni-channel strategy?

The effects of 2020 on digital consumer behavior likely won’t wear off anytime soon. As we enter into our new reality, this report provides best practices that marketers can implement in their omni-channel strategies for seamless brand experience, personalization at scale and advanced creative.

Download Innovid’s Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks Report today to gain insights and guidelines for your marketing campaigns, performance KPIs and creative strategy.


Advertising Report Highlights:

  • Global CTV impressions increased 60% year over year.
  • Programmatic impressions served to CTV increased by over 200% year over year.
  • Advanced creative video formats generated a 309% lift in engagement. For display, dynamic creative generated a 37% lift in CTR over standard creative.

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Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks
Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks
Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks