CTV Takes Center Stage

Global CTV and Video Benchmarks Report


To truly understand how connected television (CTV) and video advertising trends evolved during a year of uncertainty, Innovid analyzed over 286 billion global video ad impressions from January to December of 2021. Researchers looked across mobile, desktop, CTV devices, and social platforms to inform an in-depth analysis of video advertising and gain benchmarks and insights globally. 

After a decade of mobile dominance, CTV became the leading channel for global ad impressions. In response, more advertisers are relying on dynamic creatives to create superior experiences that truly engage consumers. Part of that is prioritizing the balance of reach and frequency, which revealed plentiful opportunities for advertisers to be seen on CTV.

In this report, you’ll learn more about the current state of CTV, including how it stacks up to other channels, its global impressions by vertical, and where programmatic advertising fits in. In addition, we dive deep into advanced video creative, including dynamic and interactive formats, as well as engagement rates by format and device. And, last but not least, we examined the opportunities available for converged TV tactics. 

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Report Highlights:

  • 46%

    of video impressions in 2021 were on CTV. Meaning, it overtook mobile as the device with the greatest share of global video impressions. As CTV moved up from 40% in 2020, mobile slid down to 39% from 43%.

  • 4.08

    average exposures for U.S. CTV campaigns means frequency isn’t universally high. Plus, campaigns only reached 9.23% of 95 million+ CTV households, showing there is still plenty of runway for reach.

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