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The Great Unification of Converged TV
Current priorities, challenges, & future outlook for converged TV
The Great Unification of Converged TV

The TV experience is entering an entirely new phase. Modern viewers are spread across screens, platforms, locations, devices–you name it. To keep up, brands and agencies are on the hunt for the best solution to unify this fragmented media landscape. 

To succeed in this ever-growing space–one filled with disparate platforms, data sources, metrics, and more–marketers require a unified view of both their advertising and audiences. This enables them to accurately gauge cross-platform campaign performance, as well as attain actionable insights to reach and engage with the right consumers “where they are.” 

In a global initiative from Innovid, advertisers were surveyed about the challenges and opportunities aligned with a unified view of converged TV advertising. The following findings represent insights from more than 250 brands and agencies. 

Survey Highlights:

  • 92%

    of advertisers state a unified view of converged TV reach and performance is important.

  • >80%

    of advertisers are increasing their investments in converged TV.

  • #1

    ask for advertisers looking to improve their converged TV campaign performance is consolidated technology

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