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Retail (Ad) Therapy: The Roles of CTV & Advanced Video Creatives

Insights into Retailers’ Media & Creative Strategies

Retail Benchmarks

While consumer behavior has been evolving for a while, the last three years have seen it turned on its head. The global pandemic changed the way people buy everything – from clothing and groceries, to electronics and even cars. Combine that with the fragmented media landscape, where audiences are dispersed across platforms and devices, and retailers have had to rethink advertising strategies to stay competitive in a saturated market where consumers can quickly and easily change their shopping habits, loyalties, and minds.

To get a snapshot into how Retail advertisers are adapting creative and media strategies today, Innovid analyzed 28 billion video ad impressions served on our platform between Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2022. 

Looking at CTV, mobile, and desktop devices, the report compiles global video advertising insights for Retailers, and offers an important look into how the industry is building brand engagement and driving shoppable experiences among consumers everywhere. Here’s a snapshot of the report findings:  

Report Highlights:

  • 50%

    CTV accounted for the greatest share of video impressions, an increase of 51.5% vs. 2019

  • 39%

    more dynamic video campaigns were run by Retail advertisers in 2022

  • ≤10

    second ads reign supreme when it came to engagement, but most creative lengths had strong video completion rates (VCRs)

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