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The Future of TV Isn’t Fragmented, It’s Connected.

Just a few weeks back, eMarketer released a new report upping nearly all of their forecasts around the growth of connected TV (CTV). While it was clear to everyone that 2021 was going to be a big year in terms of CTV spend, estimates were off by ...
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Creativity Is A Bright Spot Amidst Identity Signal Loss Anxieties

With Apple’s September 20th operating system update, iOS 15, came even more anxieties for advertisers who lean on personalization to accomplish their business goals. First announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), updates included ...
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Innovid Expands DoubleVerify Integration to Automate the DV Video OmniTag for Verification of Media Quality

There's no doubt that scalability and efficiency are two of the driving factors for marketers when selecting their preferred partners. This is perhaps nowhere more important than when selecting third-party measurement partners, especially when it ...
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Mondelez Beats Brand Benchmarks By Personalizing the Holidays

Seasonal events can pay high dividends for brands who pay attention; last year, the holiday season made up roughly $1.06 trillion in retail spending. The season of shopping is looking different these days, however, as both consumers and brands turn ...
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CTV, Product Marketing & Friendships: Life As An Innovid Intern

This summer I had the privilege of working with Innovid as a part of their internship program! The slew of unprecedented events that was 2020 meant that I would have the unique experience of doing this internship from home to mitigate risk. Working ...
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Top 3 Identity Resolution Takeaways from Innovid and the ANA

The identity landscape is rapidly shifting: solutions appear and disappear, privacy regulations are intensifying, and cookie deprecation is looming. To help marketers make sense of the chaos, we partnered with the Association of National Advertisers ...
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Davis Elen Advertising Taps Into Innovid Insights to Drive Unique Reach For Toyota and McDonald’s

Due to rapid shifts in consumer behavior, new emerging technologies, and increased in-housing by brands, it has never been harder to be an independent agency. The ability to go the extra mile while quantifying the value of their marketing efforts is ...
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Introducing Innovid Key: A Forward-Thinking Approach to Identity Resolution

The holy grail for any brand is a 360-degree understanding of their customer, but concerns around signal loss, walled gardens, and data ownership seem to be mounting by the day. Even the news of Google delaying its deprecation of cookies wasn’t met ...
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Innovid Expands Integration with IAS to Measure Media Quality Across CTV Ads

Did anyone stream the most recent MMA fight on Showtime? If so, you would have seen that YouTube sensation, now professional boxer, Jake Paul, defeated ex-UFC champ, Tyron Woodley. Like any good battle, there is only one fighter that comes out on ...
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Innovid Insights Measures 80% Unique Reach Percentage for General Motors

There is still a misconception in the advertising industry that CTV has a frequency problem. As part of a recent study on CTV measurement, we monitored frequency across 36 campaigns and found that the average frequency was only 4.6. In addition, we ...
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