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CTV x Commerce: Roundel & Innovid Look at Shopper Behavior & Ad Trends

What do you get when you combine Innovid’s analysis of +110B video ad impressions, with Target Roundel’s annual shopper survey? An unprecedented look at changes in consumer behavior and how advertisers are adapting media and creative strategies to ...

How the Converged TV Disconnect Hits the Entertainment and Financial Services Industries Hardest

The converged TV disconnect is real. It’s especially real for the entertainment and financial services verticals — but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The Converged TV Disconnect is Magnified for Media Buyers and Creatives

Have you heard of the converged TV disconnect? It’s the gap between the amount of time advertisers spend measuring the performance of their converged TV ad campaigns and the significantly less time they invest in optimizing them.

Why the Media Rating Council is Poised to Become Even More Crucial

Media Mavens: The Innovid Interview with Katie Driggs

Editor’s Note: This Q&A is the first installment in an occasional blog series where Innovid interviews leading media strategists about their take on the future of the advertising and media sector.

4 Scary Monsters That Frighten Media Strategists (and How to Escape the Fear)

It’s Halloween, always a time to contemplate what scares us. As human beings we all have our fears. Maybe it’s heights. Or sharks. Or commitment.

Top 8 Quotes from Advertising Week Showcasing the Power of CTV

The power of connected TV (CTV) dominated the conversation at Advertising Week New York 2023 last week. Throughout the event, panelists at AWNY from Roundel, MediaBrands, and Infillion discussed CTV and its transformative impact on TV advertising. ...

What Impact Did the Writer’s Strike Have on TV Viewership and Advertising?

On May 2, 2023 the Writers Guild of America went on strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. On July 25, the actors followed when SAG-AFTRA declared its own strike.

Innovid's Continuing Focus on the Future of TV Advertising Measurement

We want to congratulate the Joint Industry Council (JIC) on taking the first step to recommend multi-platform currency vendors, and continue to clarify that Innovid is not pursuing a currency strategy nor are we focused on multi-platform currency as ...

Sizmek Shuttered: Is This a Seismic Shift for Ad Servers?

In 2019, Amazon acquired the ad server and dynamic creative optimization tool from the recently bankrupt Sizmek.



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