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How marta GmbH boosted website visits by 400% with InnovidXP

Marta GmbH is a Germany-based direct-to-consumer advertiser that has transformed eldercare by enabling families and caregivers to connect seamlessly. To expand its reach and assist more families, marta GmbH set out to revolutionize its advertising ...

Innovid Introduces "Identity Unlocked"

Perhaps no one said it better than Digiday in response to the latest in cookie news. “Google is delaying the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser — again. In other unsurprising developments, water remains wet.”

Streaming Is a Part of Everyday Life, and So Is Shoppable CTV Advertising

In February 2024, Roundel, Target’s retail media network, surveyed 2,876 Target guests to understand how they watch and stream content, their CTV purchase preferences, and how they interact with advertising.

3 Key Trends Defining Cannes Lions 2024

Harmony Direct: A More Efficient CTV Supply Path (Video)

In a world where supply path issues are sucking billions of dollars out of the CTV advertising ecosystem, a solution has arrived. Introducing Harmony Direct from Innovid.

The Rise of Shoppable CTV Advertising

CTV advertising is growing. And fast. By 2027, the investment in CTV advertising will surge to more than $40 billion, according to eMarketer projections.

10 Eye-Opening Stats Illuminating the Rise of CTV (Infographic)

Television — the viewing of it and the advertising on it — is undergoing a transformation. As the infographic below clearly shows, consumers are shifting their viewing to streaming. And advertisers are following those consumers to CTV.

Video Recap: Connected Vision 2024

How CTV Delivers “Goldilocks” Reach and Frequency to Advertisers

The 100% digital future of television isimminent. That means connected television (CTV) is fast becoming the primary way that consumers watch TV. CTV is also on its way to becoming the way that advertisers reach those viewers.

Introducing Harmony

The digital advertising ecosystem—well, let’s just say it doesn’t spark joy. As evidenced by the recent Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study from the ANA, brands are in dire need of some Marie Kondo-level sprucing. The only way to ...



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