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Add the CPG on CTV Guide to Your Cart

Over the past few years, supply chain disruptions impacted virtually every industry. And CPG brands were hit particularly hard. In fact, a whopping 60% of consumers were unable to get a product due to inventory shortages in 2021. As a result, many consumers were compelled to try new brands–a behavioral change that chipped away at brand loyalty.

In need of more engagement and retention, including an urgency to compensate for inventory shortages, CPG marketers focused on strategies with optimal effectiveness and measurability. They set their sights on connected television (CTV) advertising to meet and engage customers where they were—the biggest screen in the house.

We did the heavy lifting of sifting through over 103 billion video ad impressions from CPG brands to extract insights that can educate and inform you on where the market’s been and share our thoughts on where it’s heading. It likely comes as no surprise that CTV was the leading channel for CPG brands. But there are plenty more learnings too.

Check out the key findings below and download the report, Add to Cart: The CPG Guide to CTV.

  • Among CPG advertisers, CTV was the device with the greatest video impression share at 52%—up from 44% from the previous year. 
  • Over half of CPG CTV advertisers (53%) ran some type of advanced creative. 
  • CPG ads reached less than 12% of CTV homes, signaling that there’s plenty of room for growth on the channel.

CTV offers the ability to reach and engage new audiences, continuing to validate the importance of the channel in your marketing mix. Download our CPG on CTV report for more insights to help guide your marketing strategy.