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Case Study: Canvas Worldwide x Innovid’s Automated Integration Saves Major Time

by Innovid


Marketers are in the business of driving success for their clients. Unfortunately, on the backend, that dedication to excellence isn’t always smooth sailing. When using multiple platforms and data silos to get clients’ digital ads out into today’s always-on world, manual processes – and the hours devoted to them – just don’t cut it anymore.

Canvas Worldwide, one of the fastest growing media agencies, needed to alleviate the operational headache it was experiencing when managing the flow of information between Innovid and Google Campaign Manager.

Luckily, Innovid is in the business of helping advertisers move faster.  

The Innovid team proposed the activation of its automated integration with Google Campaign Manager. The API-based solution automatically applies the hundreds of GCM tracking pixels to their subsequent Innovid ad tags all within a single platform, Innovid’s ad management platform – saving Canvas an average of 60 minutes per campaign and virtually eliminating the potential for human error. 

There’s a lot you can do with an extra hour or two! Download the case study here to learn more and get in touch