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Case Study: Panera x InnovidXP — The Bread & Butter of Streaming TV Advertising

by Innovid


You may have seen Panera Bread’s latest ad spots on streaming apps (toasted baguettes are in!). What you haven’t seen is the cost efficiencies and optimizations going on behind the scenes thanks to an independent view of CTV reach, frequency, and performance.

Our latest case study highlights how Panera’s agency, Publicis, used InnovidXP for insights to inform optimizations, capture cost efficiencies, and provide an independent source of data that could be used during Upfront negotiations. 

Don’t miss all the tasty insights! Read the full case study to learn more about Publicis’ and Panera’s success and uncover:

  • Why an unbiased view across multiple publishers was critical for cross-platform optimization

  • How they identified – and reallocated spend to – top-performing publishers 

  • What always-on insights into reach and frequency provided: 

    • %⬆ Incremental Reach

    • %⬆ Unique Reach Efficiency

    • %⬇ Cost per Unique Reach

Ready to get in on the action?

Let’s get this bread. Access the full infographic here.