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CTV Takes Center Stage in Latest Global Benchmarks

The past two years have affected us all personally and professionally. The repercussions from a cycle of closures, reopenings, and supply chain issues reached nearly every person and industry. As marketers, we’ve been grappling with tightened budgets and the degradation of cookies on top of global uncertainty. 

With less budget to work with, and an urgency to close the gap on lost sales, marketers focused on strategies with optimal effectiveness and measurability. They set their sights on connected television (CTV) advertising to meet and engage customers where they were—the biggest screen in the house.

The good news? We did the heavy lifting of sifting through over 286 billion ads to pull out insights that can educate and inform you on where the market’s been and share our thoughts on where it’s heading. It likely comes as no surprise that CTV finally claimed center stage in 2021, following a decade of mobile dominance. But there are other fruitful insights too. 

Check out the key findings below:

  • CTV overtook mobile as the device with the greatest share of global video impressions with 46% of video impressions in 2021, up from 40% in 2020 as mobile declined from 43% to 39% and PC slid from 16% to 15%.
  • There was a 32% increase year over year in advertisers running dynamic creative campaigns. Interactive CTV formats generated an average of 72 additional seconds, up from 63 in 2020, while overall advanced creative video formats increased from 35 to 47 seconds.
  • With converged TV viewing across linear, CTV and digital on the rise, it is important for advertisers to leverage CTV to maximize reach while balancing frequency. U.S. CTV campaigns reached on average only 9.23% of the 95M+ CTV households that Innovid reaches. With an average of 4.08 exposures, frequency is not universally high in CTV.

CTV has officially solidified its role as a core marketing channel–and that’s not changing anytime soon. Download our 2021 Global Benchmarks report [link] for more insights to help guide your marketing strategy as we shrug off that uncertainty and embrace optimization.