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Florida Virtual School Drives Engagement with Targeted Messaging and Interactive Trivia on CTV

During the height of stay at home orders and social distancing, virtual learning experienced a surge in popularity. However with the rollout of new safety protocols, many school systems are no longer offering the option to attend classes remotely. Florida Virtual School, which has offered online learning for more than 20 years, provides a solution for families who want their children to continue learning remotely. Florida Virtual School sought new and innovative ways to drive awareness of the school and activate customer engagement for its accredited, award-winning virtual curriculum.

Florida Virtual School first partnered with Innovid in fall 2020 to launch custom interactive CTV experiences using Innovid's trivia format. Florida Virtual School served a quiz prompting viewers to answer a series of multiple-choice questions on their interactive CTV device. The questions, designed to test general knowledge and awareness of the school's offerings, stimulated engagement and provided the school with real-time feedback. The campaign was a hit, earning a 68% trivia response rate, 76 seconds trivia time, and a 72% higher engagement rate than the benchmark average.

To build on the success of its first interactive CTV campaign, Florida Virtual School wanted to see if an audience-based approach could impact engagement and quiz interaction. They created targeted messaging for two groups: parents and students. For parents, this focused on the value of the curriculum, supportive teachers, and flexible scheduling during the back-to-school season. For students, it communicated the benefits of 24/7 access, understanding teachers, and the additional resources available in the time leading up to summer break. 

Audience-Based Messaging

The audience-based messaging approach and interactive CTV trivia format continued to exceed all benchmark averages. The campaign drove higher engagement and time-earned with viewers, proving the value of targeted messaging and interactive CTV experiences over standard video. 

For more in-depth analysis, read the case study here. In addition, learn more about the benefits of Innovid's Connected TV solutions and chat with our team to understand how to leverage CTV trivia units to promote your brand, drive engagement, and collect valuable brand feedback from your customers.