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Innovid Introduces New Tech to Revolutionize Quality Control in Streaming Video Advertising

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that Innovid stands for innovation in video. When we started Innovid 14 years ago, we had a goal to change how the world engages with video. That goal has since broadened, driving the ways in which advertisers connect with consumers in a more personalized, data-driven and interactive manner. 

Our latest technology innovation addresses one of the more nuanced (see: less sexy), but nonetheless most important components of digital ad-serving today - creative quality. Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’ve spent months developing the perfect video ad. The team uploads it into your digital ad server, your ad ops team works their magic, and ad tags are sent out to every media partner on your plan. The industry standard for acceptance of those tags? Anywhere from 62% - 80%. Which means, roughly 40% of the time, your perfect video ad doesn’t see the light of day (at least, not when you planned). Instead, you're on email until midnight, making sure each publisher gets their ad tag as they individually require them. For advertisers, this interruption hurts brand perception, creates friction during the launch process, and compromises outcomes and goals. 

Today, four out of five CTV viewers in the US watch ad-supported content, making it critical for publishers to maintain the same quality in ad-based video on demand (AVOD) streaming that viewers have come to expect from traditional linear TV.

This new technology creates a first-of-its-kind reliability standard for creative quality control across streaming video, encoding a single video asset to over 55+ individual profiles, each one precisely optimized for not only the device it’s being served on, but also the internet connection of said device. This technology sets a new reliability standard, guaranteeing a 95% acceptance rate for all creative across the leading CTV publisher platforms, pushing the creative acceptance rate across connected TV to near parity with linear television.

We know how critical it is to maintain the same quality in AVOD that viewers have come to expect from linear TV and our hope is that this new reliability standard will be adopted by the wider industry. Together with our publishing partners, we can revolutionize the connected TV ad experience by providing the flexibility and control that brands have come to expect when advertising on digital platforms, while driving real impact for their businesses through a frictionless, highly engaging viewer experience. 


For more information on Innovid’s CTV ad management platform and creative personalization capabilities, contact us