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Innovid Is Going Public

Today, after nearly 14 years, we announced our plans to take Innovid public. This is an amazing step forward for our team, our company, our clients and our partners. This is DAY 1 of a new and exciting chapter in the Innovid journey. 

I am deeply humbled and forever grateful to all the incredible people who have taken part in our journey so far. First and foremost to our team - the people who make Innovid what it is. Thank you for being Generous with your efforts, Daring to dream big, and Unbeatable in the way you pursue our vision every single day.


My co-founders, Tal Chalozin, Zack Zigdon and I started Innovid more than a decade ago, in a hackerspace called ‘Garage Geeks’. Our founding vision, which remains in place today, was to transform TV advertising. This vision was focused on the idea that all TV at some point will be delivered over the internet, and that creates the opportunity to greatly improve the viewer experience. Back then we chose the name Innovid, which stands for innovation in video, and every day since innovation has been at the core of everything we do. 

Over the years we’ve established ourselves as one of the largest independent ad platforms in the world. We’re proud to have built innovative technology that allows advertisers to create, deliver and measure digital TV ads, and aim to continue providing the industry a market leading and transparent offering, independent of the large technology walled-garden players who dominate many other parts of the digital world.

Over the past decade we have achieved a growing list of innovative industry firsts and key milestones including: the first and only ACR integration with Roku, the first and only buy-side ad server with MRC certification for CTV measurement, the first and only platform delivering ads into NBCU’s Peacock, as well as serving the first and only interactive Super Bowl ad. 

Innovid currently serves over 40% of the top 200 U.S. TV advertisers, providing technology infrastructure to enable the creation, delivery, and measurement of ads across connected TV, mobile TV and desktop TV. And we’re only getting started. As the $200 billion dollar TV industry continues to shift to CTV, the company is positioned to take a leadership role in this significant and high growth market.

We could not have found a better partner to go public with than ION - Gilad, Avrom, Johnny & Moran. Welcome to the Innovid ride.

Thank you to our clients for your partnership, for pushing us to keep innovating and trusting that we will serve you in the best way possible.

Thank you to our investors, from early angels to late-stage funds that believed in us Jeff Pulver, Zvika Kelich and Zohar Gilon; our VC Investors and board members Jonathan Saacks/Genesis; Gili Raanan/Sequoia Capital; Abe Finkelstein/Vintage; Mike Dipiano/Sprint Capital and Holger Staude/Goldman Sachs. We also thank Deutsche Telekom; IBAX and CISCO for believing and investing.

To our long-term advisors and personal friends Erez Mizrachi and the team at FWMK; Eyal Ben Yaakov and the E&Y team; and our Capital Markets Legal team at Latham, especially to Eyal Orgad.

Our bankers Zaheed Kajani, Brandon Rasmusson, Gene Ziegler and the whole team at Evercore; Kyle McDonnell, Dafna Kantor, Robert Patterson and the team at Morgan Stanley.

We’re just starting, and are looking forward to the ride ahead. 

Come join us,