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Innovid Launches Deeper Measurement Suite: Innovid Insights

Media consumption has evolved more in the past five years than in the previous fifty. Most notably, both audiences and advertisers are rapidly shifting from linear TV to connected TV streaming environments, with a recent report from e-marketer estimating CTV advertising to reach $24.76 billion by 2024. Despite this growth, there are still challenges halting the flow of ad budgets towards CTV, primarily due to the misconception that CTV is too complicated and too difficult to measure. As an industry, there is still work to be done, but choosing the correct measurement partner can alleviate many challenges. So, what should brands and agencies be looking for in a measurement vendor?

Digital & CTV First: Gross rating points (GRPs) just won’t cut it in today’s omni-channel world. Digital and connected TV have to be at the forefront of the measurement methodology, not tacked on to a legacy tech stack or panel. Marketers need solutions that reconcile cross-media impressions that are attributable to outcomes, similar to solutions for display and video. Specifically, marketers need real-time data to analyze their ROI and media efficiency, so they can execute optimizations while their campaigns are live or leverage their findings for future planning initiatives.

Independence: This is an absolute must; an independent and accredited third-party vendor must provide measurement. No one in the advertising ecosystem should be able to grade their own homework due to inherent biases that arise when owning media then buying and measuring that same media on behalf of clients.

Scale: There is significant fragmentation plaguing the CTV ecosystem from both the consumer side and the advertiser side. The increased control and flexibility of streaming has allowed consumers to watch what they want, whenever they want, across a plethora of CTV apps. Although great for the consumer, it has become more difficult for marketers to measure performance across multiple CTV publishers and apps. In addition, the rapid increase in programmatic executions combined with a steady flow of direct purchases has created further fragmentation. Marketers often have to use different reporting systems for direct and programmatic buys, making it highly difficult to compare performance at an individual publisher level. Therefore, it is essential that a measurement provider has solid and collaborative relationships with demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and publishers to ensure visibility into all data that’s going in and out (in a privacy-compliant manner) and have census-level measurement scale for granular reporting.

Single Source of Truth: It is essential that measurement providers fit into brands’ or agencies’ tech stacks — or work seamlessly with their ad tech partners (DMP, DSP, fraud, etc.) — as well as their preferred publishers in order for the data to be clean and comparable for strategic initiatives and analysis. Marketers need a single platform that can reconcile disparate data sources (in a privacy-compliant manner) into outputs that can be relied on as the source of truth to measure and optimize their CTV campaigns. Additionally, this platform must have the ability to provide analysis regardless of buy type (programmatic or direct).

As the largest independent and MRC-accredited omni-channel ad server built for television, Innovid’s robust third-party ad serving platform is uniquely set up to take on the challenges outlined above. Earlier this week, we announced the launch of Innovid Insights, our flagship measurement solution that provides unbiased household-level reach and frequency analysis, enabling marketers to execute in-flight optimizations and sophisticated media planning. The Innovid Insights suite takes a TV-first approach, unlike competitive measurement providers who have attempted to incorporate CTV into their legacy solutions. As Innovid Insights continues to evolve, we will expand the solution to incorporate all devices and media types and demographic data to enable one unified view of cross-channel measurement. Key benefits include: 

  • Census-Level Measurement: Innovid’s unparalleled footprint enables census-level measurement of the CTV universe with insights on over 75 million U.S. CTV households, allowing marketers to gain maximum visibility into the most critical CTV measurement metrics
  • Independent Source of Truth: As the largest independent and MRC-accredited omni-channel ad server built for TV, Innovid’s measurement solutions are media-type and buy-type (direct vs. programmatic) agnostic, enabling trustworthy third-party analysis.
  • Real-Time Analysis (In-flight) and Future Planning: Innovid’s pixel-less solutions provide always-on analysis, enabling marketers to execute in-flight optimizations. Innovid Insights also powers data-backed campaign planning initiatives to optimize future campaigns strategically. Marketers can perform optimizations based on reach (total and unique), frequency (low, medium, and high), publisher-level overlap, and costs (cost per total and cost per unique reach).
  • Seamless Measurement and Delivery: Innovid takes a contemporary approach, providing MRC-accredited impression delivery married with granular measurement solutions to drive in-flight and future-planning CTV optimizations.

Innovid Insights, A New Advertising Measurement Solution

“As an independent ad server, our interoperability is absolutely critical for marketers looking to optimize their media campaigns. We believe our relationships with both demand and supply sides of the ecosystem enable our suite to provide best-in-class impression-level insights and reporting for the future of cross-media measurement.” - Jessica Hogue, General Manager Measurement & Analytics, Innovid

Learn more about the benefits of Innovid Insights and check out our latest research study, Decoding CTV Measurement: An In-Depth Look at Reach, Frequency, and ROI