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Innovid Partners with Cuebiq to Enable Visitation-Based Dynamic Creative Optimizations

Getting consumers to purchase something they saw online is one thing, but getting them to travel to your store location in 2022 is a whole other beast. One that is best solved through a personalized advertising approach, leveraging offline location data for effective online optimizations. To tackle this problem, Innovid has partnered with Cuebiq, a leading mobility intelligence, and consumer insights firm, to power near real-time creative optimizations based on visitation data. 

Through Innovid and Cuebiq’s partnership, marketers can now leverage Cuebiq’s high-quality location data across Innovid's platform to optimize dynamic creative delivery, thus maximizing location visitation. For example, if creative A is driving more foot traffic than creative B, marketers can maximize delivery to display creative A to more consumers. The solution also allows marketers to optimize delivery cadence based on performance against their desired locational conversion metric such as:  
  • Measured Visits: Visits recorded in Cuebiq's universe as a result of dynamic campaign exposure.
  • Projected Visits: The total number of projected visits as a result of dynamic campaign exposure.
  • Incremental Visits: The number of visits directly attributable to the dynamic campaign.
  • Uplift: The percentage difference between exposed & control group visit rates.

“Empowering brands with the tools and insights that streamline and elevate the dynamic creative optimization process for their CTV advertising efforts is paramount. We are thrilled to partner with Cuebiq and further enhance our solutions with their visitation metrics,” said Jeremy Straight, SVP of Business Development at Innovid. “This integration will help advertisers to reimagine their TV advertising strategies and utilize data-driven tools to develop, automate and optimize unique experiences at scale.” 

Read more about Innovid and Cuebiq’s partnership here or chat with our team about how you can directly benefit from this joint solution.