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Introducing Harmony


The digital advertising ecosystem—well, let’s just say it doesn’t spark joy. As evidenced by the recent Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study from the ANA, brands are in dire need of some Marie Kondo-level sprucing.

The only way to solve a problem is to start trying. To that end, Innovid isn’t sitting on our hands, hoping things will improve on their own. Instead, we’re taking action, leading the Harmony initiative and launching a first-to-market suite of solutions focused on bringing harmony (and joy!) to brands, agencies, publishers, tech partners, and programmatic platforms.

The initiative’s goal is to optimize advertising at the infrastructure level:

  • To make the manual and mundane automatic and amazing.
  • To increase transparency so that everyone can benefit from a line of sight.
  • To provide choice so that no one feels backed into a corner.
  • To remove unnecessary tech for the good of the planet.
  • To ensure data and dollars flow to where they’ll have the most impact.
  • And to keep television and the internet that we all know and love, open for all.
Here are the first two products — with more to come — of our new Harmony initiative:
  • Harmony Direct
  • Harmony Instant Optimization
Let’s take a deeper dive into how the products can help you.

Harmony Direct 

Harmony Direct offers the most direct and efficient way to launch guaranteed non-biddable media — without charging a percentage of media to activate but instead a significantly lower flat fee. This streamlined supply path redistributes substantial working media dollars back into the ecosystem, benefiting both publishers and marketers while reducing time, effort, fraud, and environmental waste. 

The advertising system’s current inefficiencies reduce the power of brands’ media budgets, essentially exacting an “ad tech tax” on advertisers. Moreover, the additional “hops” between intermediaries introduce more opportunities for CTV ad fraud and increase carbon emissions.

There’s an opportunity to address these issues. With Harmony Direct, Innovid has introduced a solution that creates a simpler path, eliminating unnecessary hops and media percentage fees — with cost savings, guaranteed.

Our launch partners for Harmony Direct, which include CMI Media Group, Goodway Group, PMG, and Stagwell/Assembly, have seen an average 8% increase in working media. Our publisher partners, including Roku, have maximized fill rates from 90% to 100%, improving yield by up to 15%.

Key Harmony Direct benefits include: 

  • Savings Guaranteed. Redistribute substantial working media dollars back into the ecosystem to the benefit of publishers and marketers alike, without a media-based take rate.
  • Streamlined Workflow. Solve operational inefficiencies by cutting out extra operations that historically allowed for errors. The result: less time and effort to get deals live.
  • Directness Matters. Mitigate fraud through source-direct transparency to ensure ads run where intended. This elimination of redundant 3rd party processing power and data storage waste, reduces carbon emissions and promotes sustainability.

Harmony Instant Optimization

Harmony Instant Optimization provides advertisers with the essential technology to automatically adjust which ad is seen — championing top converting ads in real-time and improving performance across digital channels. 

On both the brand and agency side, advertising professionals place an outsized emphasis on optimizing their campaigns. According to recent Innovid research, 55.7% of advertisers spend more than half their time on optimization. Despite spending so much time on optimization, 60.3% of ad professionals say their optimization efforts are falling short.  

The reason optimization doesn’t hit the mark may be because ad professionals are simply measuring more often than they optimize. More than two-thirds of ad professionals (68.1%) told Innovid they measure their campaigns on at least a weekly basis, but just 57.6% say they optimize their campaigns at the same frequency. 

This disconnect between measurement and optimization is what Harmony Instant Optimization is designed to address. 

Harmony Instant Optimization brings measurement and optimization closer together on the same platform, providing advertisers with the tools to automatically favor the top-performing creative executions. With this new automation capability, outcome insights from InnovidXP are intrinsically linked to the ad-serving strategy, ensuring ads that drive the most site/app activity gain the largest share of voice. This machine learning solution completes the final mile of measurement, automatically activating against insights — without waiting for human intervention. 

Key Harmony Instant Optimization benefits include: 

  • Single Platform Optimization. Automate measurement insights into actions within a single platform. Avoid having multiple vendors or adding unnecessary tasks to your to-do list. 
  • Outcomes-Driven Ad Delivery. Guarantee your best converting creative is the one seen by your audience. Continuously improve ad performance by highlighting top messaging.
  • Optimize Everywhere. Maximize the value of your premium video investments by applying insights to enhance messaging universally across digital touchpoints.

Learn more about how Innovid’s Harmony initiative can boost the performance of your ad campaigns.