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Mondelez Ritz Personalizes Around Social Gatherings for a 340% Boost in CTR

Through the blur that has been the last few years, the memories that really stand out are the treasured moments we’ve spent with friends and family. There’s no replacement for connecting in real life, especially when there are snacks to be shared. To promote their brand, Ritz, to millennials during these special social occasions, Mondelēz International deployed a personalized approach, leaning on Innovid’s team and technology. 

Working in partnership with Innovid’s global account management team, Publicis Spark Foundry, FCB and Mondelez set out to execute an omni-channel dynamic messaging strategy that targeted six audience groups: foodies, sports fans, travel enthusiasts, gamers, entertainment junkies, and music lovers. 

But the challenge to launch was two-fold. With teams in multiple time zones and countries, the approach had to be personalized for both the ad experience, and the launch plan. 

To tackle the time zone challenges head on, Innovid’s global account management team provided in-market regional support that spanned Mexico, New York, and Buenos Aires. To ensure nothing was lost in translation, multiple training sessions were conducted in Spanish for Mexico-based Mondelez Media, Mondelez Ritz, Publicis Spark Foundry, and FCB Mexico. Innovid also set up recurring daily meetings to facilitate cross-departmental communication and coordination, ensuring deadlines were hit across the teams. 

Handling the creative part was slightly easier. Launching the personalized approach across display, video, and social meant generating numerous versions in numerous different format types and sizes. Focusing on social events and interests as well as time of day, Innovid’s robust rendering engine generated over 350 custom versions in record time. The use of personalized messaging drove performance metrics for Ritz across all KPI categories, but the performance of their dynamic videos blew past all expectations.

Mondelez Ritz

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