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What's Up with Invalid Ad Traffic?

Reimagine TV Advertising? We Did That—and There’s a Highlight Reel

Fragmented audiences, outdated legacy measurement, rapidfire shifts in consumer trends—and, most importantly, the resilience to overcome every one of those obstacles. That’s ad biz, baby. Campaign Magazine partnered with Innovid to interview some of ...

What if We Never Had Third-Party Cookies?

Personalization in advertising is a lot older than you may think. Fun fact: The very first personalized ad came from Sears in 1892 when they launched a massive (at least by 1800s standards) direct mail campaign with 8K postcards. Ultimately, they ...

What the Heck is an Ad Server? And Why Do I Need One?


8 Cutting-edge QR Code Advertising Strategies

QR code marketing is so hot right now. Why? Because QR codes are interactive, accessible, and incite instant action on any advertising platform—even the ones you can’t ‘click.’ All consumers have to do is scan a code with their smartphone, and ...

Renault Group Outperforms Industry Benchmarks With Personalized Creative

Revolutionize TV Advertising with InnovidXP

The converged TV industry, accounting for $200B+ in annual ad spend globally, is continuously expanding across platforms, channels, screens, metrics, currencies, data sources, and beyond. As a result, today’s advertisers need independent, real-time, ...

CPG Brands and Sequential Messaging: Ads So Personalized, You Won’t Need the Skip Button


3 CTV Advertising Takeaways from General Motors

What makes a standout ad in 2022? Adding value to the consumer. It’s no secret either–from measurements to personalized creatives, advertisers are more committed to deeply understanding their audiences than ever before. 

CTV Takes Center Stage in Latest Global Benchmarks

The past two years have affected us all personally and professionally. The repercussions from a cycle of closures, reopenings, and supply chain issues reached nearly every person and industry. As marketers, we’ve been grappling with tightened ...

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