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Reimagine TV Advertising? We Did That—and There’s a Highlight Reel

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Fragmented audiences, outdated legacy measurement, rapidfire shifts in consumer trends—and, most importantly, the resilience to overcome every one of those obstacles. That’s ad biz, baby. Campaign Magazine partnered with Innovid to interview some of the industry’s best and brightest company executives, and celebrate some big wins. 

With the rise of converged TV advertising, and the ability to measure it all in one platform, the future of TV advertising looks bright—but we’ll let the execs at Unilever, NBC Universal, Sanofi, and more take it from here.

Tune in to these 6 interviews for inspiration and to learn:

  • How leading companies have reimagined TV advertising (in your favor).
  • The secret to using data to unleash new levels of creativity and deliver more impactful ads.
  • Why it’s time to ditch legacy measurement tools in favor of holistic, cross-platform TV measurement.
  • How marketers can leverage new technology to make more meaningful and personal consumer connections.
  • What leaders find most inspiring about the ad industry today.
  • Where experts believe the future of creativity is headed.

Happy watching.

Reimagining TV Advertising

Discover how the biggest players in digital advertising are changing the TV world. Hit play to hear from Tal Chalozin, Innovid Co-Founder and CTO; Unilever’s Global Growth Operations Officer, Debora Koyama; Yahoo!’s Head of Advanced TV Sales & Strategy, Beau Ordemann, and more. 


The Power of Creative Optimization

What can your ad campaign achieve with creative optimization? Hint: Engagement through personalization is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch for tips from the ad execs over at Sanofi, Univision, Yahoo!, Unilever, and Innovid.

Innovation in Cross-Platform Measurement

Reach, frequency, accuracy—oh my. Tune in to our latest video to discover which metrics industry leaders say matter most. You’ll hear directly from Comcast Vice President of Marketing, James Rothwell, Fox’s Senior Vice President of Data Strategy & Sales Innovation, Dan Callahan; NBCU’s Executive Vice President of Measurement and Impact, Kelly Abcarian; and more.

The Rise of Converged TV

How has the rise of converged TV transformed the ad world? With audiences dispersed over platforms and screens, experts believe a holistic, cross-platform marketing approach is key to TV advertising success. Make sure your campaigns come out on top with these valuable insights from the execs at Comcast, Tubi, Carat, Media Monks, Yahoo!, TVSquaredbyInnovid, and Innovid.

Creativity IRL

What do the experts from Sanofi, Unilever, Carat, and more find most inspiring about today’s advertising world? Everything from creativity IRL to purpose-led growth and impressive sustainability efforts, here. Fight FOMO—and watch now.

The Future of Creativity

Can you sum up the future of creativity in one word? We asked industry leaders to describe the future of creativity… in one word. Check it out to get inspired!

Not ready to end the binge? We’ve got you covered. Head to our video page for more inspiring and educational content on everything from navigating the CPG marketplace to our latest TV spending forecast—or get the rundown on our revolutionary cross-platform measurement tool InnovidXP here.