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Renault Group Outperforms Industry Benchmarks With Personalized Creative

by Innovid

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Approaching the automotive consumer journey today is more complicated than ever before. Strategies are developed to create ideal touch-points attempting to reach potential buyers at every stage in the purchase cycle. That’s why mastering personalized messaging is so crucial. It widens the scale of your message for everywhere your audience is, while also communicating what’s most important to your customer at each step of the car buying journey.” - Ahed Jendza, Head of Industry, Auto

Imagine marketing to around 2% of the population at any given time–daunting, right? Due to the nature of buying cars, that’s the auto industry’s perpetual circumstance

From platform fragmentation to the plethora of buyer types, challenges are abundant when advertising cars. However, driving a strategy that speaks to audiences’ specific interests, wants, and needs can be extremely effective. 

That was certainly the case for Renault. They were looking to increase brand awareness and gain interest in their new 2021 Duster. As such, they targeted potential car buyers with details about their new model’s features. The approach: creative personalization, with a focus in personalized messaging, to steer the campaign in the right direction, yielding superb performance figures.  

So let’s get the show on the road–these are 3 big learnings from Renault’s story.

Recondition your videos 

Renault highlighted 4 already-produced videos in their 2021 Duster campaign to optimize the value of premium video ads and spur viewer engagement. This ad consisted of a dynamic interactive video gallery that showcased the Duster’s standout features. 

The value of repurposing content (saving time and investment, reaching new audiences, etc.) seems obvious enough. However,  a survey found that only one-third of leading marketers reported having a systematic process in place to reuse or repurpose content. 

The takeaway? Take advantage of  videos currently residing elsewhere, whether it’s currently residing in your internal repository, website, or social channels. Try placing them into video carousels and other interactive formats. 

When it comes to personalization, put the pedal to the metal 

Innovid developed and deployed a total of 25 dynamic versions of the interactive video ad to match the content with the targeted audience data and spark interest in the Renault 2021 Duster from potential car buyers. And engagement indeed followed. The campaign garnered a 2.69% engagement rate, beating our auto benchmark by a whopping 301%. 

The lesson here is that personalized messaging fuels engagement. After all, It’s already proven to be tremendously effective–with 97% of marketers witnessing a rise in business outcomes as a result of personalization. Likewise,  72% of consumers cited it as “highly important.” 

Embrace a carpool of partners 

Executing this campaign was a true collaboration of partners. With the support of Renault’s creative agency, Publicis, Innovid designed and built the interactive video gallery to meet the brand’s requirements. In parallel, Havas, Renault’s media agency, worked with Innovid to provide the campaign details necessary to traffic the interactive ad and dynamically serve across their selected media partners. All in all, it was a very successful dynamic execution. 

Driving performance home 

Renault’s results surpassed our auto benchmarks for each of our key performance indicators. Their click through rate was 2.74%, which beat our auto benchmark by 291%. Also, they earned an additional 43 seconds over a 30 second pre-roll. 

Concluding thoughts 

In summary, Renault’s prosperous campaign taught us a few things: reuse your assets in new ways (especially videos which require a significant investment), personalize your messages as much as possible, and take advantage of a multi-partner workflow. 

Cutting through the digital noise is undoubtedly a challenge for any brand. But with the right tools and a methodical approach, you can accelerate your engagement. 

Read Renault's case study here to learn more about their campaign strategy and results.