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Squadron Taps InnovidXP to Measure & Optimize TV Investments for High-Growth Startups


Start-ups tend to gravitate toward channels that are highly measurable, like digital, to supercharge their growth. 

James Burgess, founder of London-based Squadron Venture Media, which helps start-ups develop media programs to generate growth, knows this first-hand. But he also knows it can be the wrong approach for a start-up to rely too heavily on digital marketing. 

Burgess says that start-ups are comfortable with online marketing and its relatively low cost and digital feedback loop. In his experience, however, too many start-ups overlook the scale and emotional storytelling power of TV advertising — especially when the measurement capabilities of InnovidXP back those TV campaigns. 

The Power of InnovidXP

With InnovidXP, a global measurement platform built for converged TV, Squadron supplies its clients with real-time proof of TV advertising’s impact. InnovidXP provides analytics to Squadron’s clients on which days, times, networks, programs, genres, creatives, and audience segments generate the most web responses. Using these insights, Squadron gains a data-backed understanding of when to invest in TV, what budget percentage makes the most sense, and how often to make optimizations.

Over the past decade, Squadron has helped propel several start-ups to unicorn status. The company’s clients include performance-driven advertisers Trinny London, Funding Circle, Zoopla, and Wise. 

“Performance-driven advertisers shouldn’t be afraid to lean into TV,” Burgess says. “It is capital intensive, but the medium is hugely scalable — and the necessary data for understanding and optimizing TV advertisements is easily accessible, provided you know where to look. InnovidXP has been an excellent addition to our strategic approach, granting us both real-time and long-term insights into the performance of our TV investments.”

A Long-Term Partnership

Squadron has worked with TVSquared (which Innovid acquired in 2022) for nearly a decade. In this timeframe, the partnership with Innovid has grown to a combined roster of more than 30 clients. Recently, Squadron extended its collaboration with Innovid to scrutinize the reach and frequency of linear investments for clients Oddbox and Lebara.

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