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The Future of TV Isn’t Fragmented, It’s Connected.

Just a few weeks back, eMarketer released a new report upping nearly all of their forecasts around the growth of connected TV (CTV). While it was clear to everyone that 2021 was going to be a big year in terms of CTV spend, estimates were off by roughly one billion dollars. As the channel grows in popularity from both audiences and advertisers, new marketing strategies are being pioneered to more closely link the channel to its digital counterparts of desktop and mobile. Top of mind for many? Developing a personalized approach. 

Last fall, Innovid conducted a survey questioning where personalization made the most impact for consumers across channels. The results, while unclear in terms of a winner, provided a clear call-to-action for marketers: personalize everywhere. Consumers don’t engage with brands in silos, and thus advertisers must understand the role of all exposures across the digital ecosystem. 

Long thought of as an upper-funnel, pure awareness play, TV escapes its traditional role in CTV, driving full-funnel activities through the use of personalized messaging, maps, offers, and more. Through Innovid’s Cross-Device Dynamic Creative (DCO) solutions, marketers have the opportunity to extend their personalized approach, creating one, unified narrative for their audience across desktop, mobile, and CTV. By doing this, marketers can converse with consumers more fluidly and serve brand experiences that meet the moment in terms of the channel they’re engaging on. 

As we look towards the future, we know that channel fragmentation will continue to exist in terms of viewership, but it’s important to remember that the connections are stronger than their individual parts. By leveraging cross-device DCO strategies that span mobile, desktop, and CTV, marketers are invited to rethink the purchase funnel and meet the expectations of their multidimensional audience. 

To learn more about Innovid’s Cross-Device DCO solutions, please visit https://www.innovid.com/marketer-solutions/creative-management/