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Spotlight On: Innovid’s New VP of APAC, Henry Schenker

  Henry Schenker, Innovid's VP of APAC It’s an exciting time to be part of the Innovid team — not only did we just open our newest office in Singapore, but we’re also lucky enough to have Henry Schenker at the helm of our entire Asia-Pacific region. ...
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Data, Data, Data: Why Personalization is a Main Focus for Marketers

The topic of building one-to-one conversations with audiences has gained traction over time, but this year marks the acceleration of marketers strengthening their personalization strategies. In fact, marketers across the world named consumer ...
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Driving Video Engagement Through the Purchase Funnel with Interactive Video

By now, most marketers would agree that two-way conversations with consumers are more valuable than simply pushing their brand’s messaging without providing opportunities for audiences to interact. This proves that audiences are truly engaged your ...
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Why Brands <3 Video: A Valentine's Day Tribute

With V-day quickly approaching, it’s difficult not to have love top of mind and here at Innovid, there’s nothing we love more than video! We could harp on for days about why video is #bae, but we figured we would, instead, just let these brands ...
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