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CTV, Product Marketing & Friendships: Life As An Innovid Intern

This summer I had the privilege of working with Innovid as a part of their internship program! The slew of unprecedented events that was 2020 meant that I would have the unique experience of doing this internship from home to mitigate risk. Working ...
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The Inaugural Global Innolympics Games

The Olympics are obviously a big deal here at Innovid, but as the world bids adieu to Tokyo 2021, we’re reflecting on another spirited global competition. Today marks the end of the week-long Innolympics, a company-wide event consisting of lots of ...
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Employee Spotlight: Micaela Camardelli, Associate Director of Ad Operations

In 2019, our team expanded into LATAM with our acquisition of Herolens, a small dynamic creative optimization (DCO) startup. Beyond the expanded DCO capabilities, we’ve gained a terrific team of talented, generous and daring people who have since ...
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Employee Spotlight: Amit Dvir, Director of Software Engineering

When we say that Innovid is a global company, we mean it. Throughout the course of a decade, Amit Dvir’s journey with Innovid has taken him from Tel Aviv to New York City to Los Angeles. From an individual contributor to a director who now leads a ...
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Employee Spotlight: Loren Davis, Sr. Client Operations Manager

Being in this industry means not only adapting to change, but embracing it. As Innovid continues to grow, we want to ensure we’re creating new roles to fill evolving needs and, whenever possible, tapping into the natural skill sets of our talented ...
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Life as a Product Manager at Innovid

Being a Product Manager at Innovid is probably the closest you’ll get to being an entrepreneur without actually being one. The role is equally challenging and rewarding; it involves setting the product vision, defining metrics and goals, reaching ...
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Employee Spotlight: Sabrina Menzies, Director of Client Services, APAC

Our team at Innovid is spread across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. We are so much more than a bunch of separate offices. We are truly a global team. When opportunities arise for our talented and self-driven employees to venture to new regions across ...
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Employee Spotlight: Nirali Jain, Sales Director, Brand Solutions

Innovid is a product of its people. We pride ourselves on the culture that we’ve fostered throughout the years, a people-centric culture driven by generosity, a sense of daring, and the knowledge that, together, we are unbeatable. Nirali Jain, our ...
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