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Top 3 Identity Resolution Takeaways from Innovid and the ANA

The identity landscape is rapidly shifting: solutions appear and disappear, privacy regulations are intensifying, and cookie deprecation is looming. To help marketers make sense of the chaos, we partnered with the Association of National Advertisers ...
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Introducing Innovid Key: A Forward-Thinking Approach to Identity Resolution

The holy grail for any brand is a 360-degree understanding of their customer, but concerns around signal loss, walled gardens, and data ownership seem to be mounting by the day. Even the news of Google delaying its deprecation of cookies wasn’t met ...
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Decode Digital Identity with Innovid’s New Cheat Sheet

Digital advertising is going through an identity crisis.
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Making The Case: A Marketer’s POV on Cookie Consent

Yesterday I had the pleasure of contacting my internet service provider’s technical support team to resolve a slower than normal connection. I had just set up my new modem, but Hulu still wouldn’t load, so I asked if it could be my WiFi router. I ...
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