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Innovid Introduces Viewability Metrics Reporting For YouTube And Joins Google Measurement Partner Program

Last week at the Google Marketing Live Event, Google introduced its new Measurement Partner Program, which aims to improve transparency and objectivity of measurement standards for the industry. A key component of the program is making it easier for ...
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Connected TV in a Fragmented Marketplace: Innovid Enhances Partnership with Hulu to Drive Engagement

Connected TV in a Fragmented Marketplace: Innovid Enhances Partnership with Hulu to Drive Engagement The connected TV landscape is in an accelerated growth phase. According to eMarketer, 87% of U.S. digital video viewers will use connected TVs this ...
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Innovid Supports Streamlined Video Ad Delivery and Analytics for Twitter

As media transparency has become top of mind for brands doing business with digital platforms, we are excited to announce Innovid will now support video ad delivery and measurement for Twitter’s In-Stream Video Ads, whether bought through an API ...
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Protecting Your Brand During the Flash to HTML Migration

The inevitable is finally here—it’s time for publishers to transition from Flash to HTML. This transition can seem daunting to marketers, as all major technology shakeups are, but this one comes on the heels of the recent industry call for more ...
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Why Independent Verification Can Put An End To Ad Fraud

It’s been an interesting week for the digital video industry, with several brand advertisers voicing concerns about ad fraud and brand safety and pulling their video advertising campaigns from various channels. I can’t say that I found this a ...
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A Note From Our CTO, Tal Chalozin

Our mission (and passion) has always been and will always be to create a way to openly analyze all video consumption data across any platform, device, screen, or technology in order to provide our customers with real, comprehensive insights and pave ...
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People-Based Measurement: Why Cookies Don’t Make the Cut

Like many people out there, my New Year’s resolution is to stay away from cookies. However, I’m not talking about oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip—my issue lies with cookie-based measurement, which has not evolved fast enough to match the rapid ...
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