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women in tech

Employee Spotlight: Micaela Camardelli, Associate Director of Ad Operations

In 2019, our team expanded into LATAM with our acquisition of Herolens, a small dynamic creative optimization (DCO) startup. Beyond the expanded DCO capabilities, we’ve gained a terrific team of talented, generous and daring people who have since ...
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Employee Spotlight: Loren Davis, Sr. Client Operations Manager

Being in this industry means not only adapting to change, but embracing it. As Innovid continues to grow, we want to ensure we’re creating new roles to fill evolving needs and, whenever possible, tapping into the natural skill sets of our talented ...
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Employee Spotlight: Sabrina Menzies, Director of Client Services, APAC

Our team at Innovid is spread across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. We are so much more than a bunch of separate offices. We are truly a global team. When opportunities arise for our talented and self-driven employees to venture to new regions across ...
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Fostering Inclusivity in the Workplace: A Conversation with Innovid and Friends in the DEI Space

Inclusivity may mean something different in different cultures, to different people, in different places. At Innovid, inclusivity means that each and every one of our employees feels respected, heard, and valued, regardless of their gender, race, ...
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Merging Work and Home: How Product Management Kept My Family Sane During The Pandemic

As you probably know, being a parent can often be quite challenging, but doing so while maintaining a full-time job makes things even harder. It requires us to compromise, prioritize, and let things go. This is the essence of being a working parent, ...
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Employee Spotlight: Nirali Jain, Sales Director, Brand Solutions

Innovid is a product of its people. We pride ourselves on the culture that we’ve fostered throughout the years, a people-centric culture driven by generosity, a sense of daring, and the knowledge that, together, we are unbeatable. Nirali Jain, our ...
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Reinvention Emerges As A Key Theme At This Year’s ANA Masters of Marketing

  As thousands of senior marketers from the world’s biggest brands descended upon sunny Florida to talk shop at ANA’s flagship event, a recurring motif seemed to surface—reinvention. More specifically evolving consumer desires are demanding brands ...
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Resetting the Rules: Tips on Becoming Your Own Boss

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[WATCH] Talking shop w/ video marketers: What data-driven video strategies are you employing to stay relevant?

  In the latest installment of our video series, Talking Shop with Video Marketers, we ask Sarah Warner, Managing Partner/Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic & Video, at GroupM, and Alegra O'Hare, VP Global Brand Communications, at Adidas ...
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Women to Watch: Stephanie Geno

  Stephanie Geno, VP, Brand Solutions  The global spotlight is shining bright on women's stories and experiences, so we wanted to continue our Women to Watch series with insights and expertise from our Vice President of Brand Solutions, Stephanie ...
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