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See how Innovid helps you measure and optimize your converged TV ad campaigns efficiently on 1 platform

To succeed advertisers must find new ways to improve their efficiency and performance, with fewer resources than ever before. Although recent technology advancements have brought solutions to streamline setup and automate some tasks, implementing learnings and iterating on them in real-time has lagged, largely due to a disconnect between measurement and activation. 

Enter Innovid. More than insight, action. More than action, results. See how you can go beyond static measurement and transform learnings into instant media and creative optimizations, improving ROI. 

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New research reveals a converged TV disconnect for advertisers 

A survey of 250 brand and agency professionals shows that advertisers measure their campaigns much more often than they optimize them. That’s the converged TV disconnect. Could the problem be that 62.6% of advertisers are measuring ad performance on one platform and optimizing on another—when a single platform is available that does both efficiently and effectively.  

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Case Study: Canva thrives with InnovidXP

Canva and its media agency, OMD, used Innovid to gain a holistic view of video advertising inventory across linear and streaming TV. Working with Innovid, Canva and OMD were able to generate insights that enabled them to optimize the campaign across media partners. See how Canva and OMD boosted spend by 13-20% with top performing media partners with InnovidXP.  

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Canva Case Study

InnovidXP’s latest game-changing feature: Instant Optimization

InnovidXP Instant Optimization provides advertisers with the essential technology to adjust in real-time which ad is seen, serving top converting ads and improving performance across digital channels. With this new automation, outcome insights from InnovidXP are intrinsically linked to the ad serving strategy, ensuring ads that drive the most site/app activity gain the largest share of voice. This machine learning solution completes the final mile of measurement, automatically activating against insights, without waiting for human intervention.

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Here’s InnovidXP in action

InnovidXP delivers a unified view of the converged TV universe through a tag-free measurement solution, powered by the scale and automation of our ad server. Driven by over one billion MRC-accredited impressions processed daily, InnovidXP empowers advertisers to measure linear, CTV, and digital video advertising together—analyzing reach and outcomes at scale.

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