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Make the Switch from Amazon/Sizmek

50% of the Top 200 Advertisers Run with Innovid

This isn’t our first rodeo

Innovid has successfully onboarded over 100 of the top TV advertisers from other ad servers to our cross-channel advertising and analytics platform, all while maintaining over a 95% client retention rate year-over-year. Make the switch and fill out the form or email solutions@innovid.com to get started. 

Making the switch from Amazon Ad Serving + DCO (Sizmek) to Innovid is easy.

  • Deliver campaigns across devices and platforms, from video to display, with Innovid’s omnichannel ad server, which processes 1.5 billion MRC-accredited impressions per day. 

  • Succeed in the fast-approaching 100% digital future of television with the CTV platform. 

  • Personalize campaigns and drive deeper engagement with dynamic, interactive creative solutions.

  • Measure and optimize your investment across platforms, partners, and devices.

  • Select self-service options if that approach meets your needs. 

*More than 50% of the top 200 U.S. TV advertisers, according to Kantar Media, are using the Innovid platform in their advertising delivery infrastructure.

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