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The Converged TV Disconnect

Advertisers On Bridging the Gap Between TV Measurement Insights and Results

Advertisers plan to spend more on converged TV ads

Big dollars mean higher stakes: How to make your converged TV advertising more efficient

Advertisers are embracing converged TV. They’re investing more time and money as Innovid’s recent survey of more than 250 brand and agency professionals clearly shows. Despite this investment, many advertisers are falling short in the optimization of their converged TV campaigns. 

Our research found that there’s a converged TV disconnect. Specifically, there’s a gap between measurement and optimization. 

This disconnect stems from the fact that 62.6% of advertisers are measuring performance on one platform and optimizing on another. Read on to discover how Innovid can help you bridge the gap between measurement and optimization—turning insights into actions and actions into results.

Report Highlights:

  • 61.5%

    of brand and agency professionals are spending more on converged TV advertising. 

  • 55.7%

    of advertisers spend more than half of their time on optimization. 

  • 60.3%

    of advertisers say their converged TV campaign optimization falls short. 

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