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Connected TV Marketing is Taking Over 2017

Connected TV is quickly rising through the ranks as the best solution for marketers looking to reach their audiences en masse, but with the precision and addressability that is becoming increasingly crucial to drive impact with consumers. We’ve seen this growth firsthand, as the share of ads delivered through our video marketing platform to connected TVs quadrupled in the past year—likely due to the tremendous viewership growth of connected TV and OTT content.

Connected TV viewing surged 65% over the past year and now represents 8.1% of total daily TV viewing for adults between age 18 and 49 in the U.S. Also, from a global perspective, penetration of connected TV devices across the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, France and Germany will exceed 50% of households by 2019. Consumers around the world are breaking the traditional TV experience by opting for connected TV and OTT devices, so you as marketers can follow suite to avoid being left behind.

With its unique combination of lean-back, yet engaged audiences and digital measurability, connected TV video creates new opportunities—requiring a tailored strategy that is as distinct from traditional broadcast as it is from the mobile web. As consumers become increasingly connected, and increasingly digital, connected TV will play a much more significant role in your video marketing mix.

Here are three ways to drive connected TV marketing success in 2017, and beyond:

1. Reach a rising share of your audience

Connected TV marketing is still in its nascent stages, so the types of
inventory and opportunities are still growing and evolving. However, to capture the broadest reach across OTT audiences, you can scale your videos to the specific devices that your audiences use. Roku, for instance, has more than 10 million active accounts and traffics more than 30% of OTT ads through its platform.

2. Bring personalization to the big screen

Enter the revolutionized living room by enabling one-to-one, personalized experiences in your connected TV marketing campaigns. Generate customized messaging based on consumers’ unique attributes, such as geo location, time of day, weather, and more to maximize relevancy and your ad’s effectiveness. This way you continue the tailored experiences that audiences are used to on OTT devices, such as user-based recommendations from Netflix.

3. Build immersive creative experiences

Scale interactive videos from your desktop and mobile campaigns to connected TV by adding actionable features that complement and enhance that specific environment. For instance, when watching content on OTT and connected TV devices, audiences are already primed for long-form content, so adding an in-unit gallery to your ad that showcases more of your brand’s videos allows audiences to explore more of your stories while strengthening favorability.

The connected TV takeover is only going to grow as more consumers evolve their content consumption habits—and more marketers adapt to their target audience’s changing preferences. Now you have the opportunity to take your connected TV marketing to the next level by transforming standard pre-roll into personalized, and engaging experiences that provide real value to your audiences.

To find out more about how connected TV is changing the marketing landscape, check out our infographic, or contact us to find out how our advanced creative for connected TV and OTT video can drive your brand's bottom line.