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The Best Things We Binged in 2020

Well, folks, we made it to the start of 2021. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking around going: Great. Now what? Another night of takeout? Boring. Another at-home workout? Snore. And don’t get me started on those little afternoon walks. 

I saw a tweet the other day that perfectly encapsulated how I think everyone in marketing is feeling right now: 

Pretty much the only thing we have going for us is the amount of content that was released this past year. Good, bad, or deliciously both, binge-watching/listening has split up the months for me in a way that nothing else has. April? Oh, that was the Tiger King Month. July? DUH - Hamilton. Christmas? Bridgerton. So I thought it might be fun to round out the year with a little look back - to the best the Innovid Marketing Team binged in 2020. 

Laura: Hi Sara! What's the best thing you binged?

Sara: Definitely The Mandalorian, Season 2. It's such a good show I don't even mind the week over week releases, which gave me something to look forward to in a year of well - nothing to look forward to. Don't sleep on the Behind The Scenes either! The technology of how they filmed the show blew me away.

Laura: Yeah! I thought their use of LED screens to project the backgrounds and then using game engine technology was INCREDIBLE. Did you have a guilty pleasure watch? 

Sara: Definitely Virgin River. It was the only show that my boyfriend refused to watch with me, but I loved it. 

Laura: What about you Simeon, did you watch Virgin River? 

Simeon: Oh god, I bet my girlfriend did but I ducked out of that one thankfully.... I did, however, get really into the podcast Levar Burton Reads. It’s like reading rainbow, but for adults. I would list my favorite episode but then I’d have to pick a favorite and that’s not possible. If you’re looking for a longer one though, he did one on Kurt Vonnegut called “The Foster Portfolio.” Not a bad place to start. 

Laura: Given it’s my namesake, I’m binging that fo sho. 

Laura: Okay Hilary. You’re the parent of this bunch - what did you pray your kids would go to bed early for? 

Hilary: Hands down Schitt$ Creek. I couldn’t stop watching - each episode was so good! I was late to the party initially but then became addicted. 

Laura: OMG yes, I don’t know how I missed it but it’s a show that makes me wish you could stream directly into your brain. 

Kevin: Schitt$ Creek is one of my favorite shows of all time. I can’t decide if my biggest binge of 2020 is really something I’d recommend but my fiancé decided to rewatch ALL of Real Housewives of New York, so I joined in on it. Gotta say, didn’t hate it. And I’m pretty sure Dorinda is my spirit animal. 

Laura: What about you Stephan? What’s the best thing you watched?

Stephan: Nothing comes directly to mind. I did just finish WW84 - and it was, well, different.

Laura: Yeah… I have a weird theory that WW84 was Hollywood’s ploy to reset the universe. Given that CATS was released around Christmas in 2019 and led to the inevitable downfall that was 2020, only another GCI Cheetah could close the rift and get us back on track. 

Stephan: You’re right, that’s a weird theory. 

Laura: Yeah… here’s to hoping I’m right though, right? 

What about you? What’s the best and worst thing you binged this year? Let us know on Twitter: https://twitter.com/innovid