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Why Brands <3 Video: A Valentine's Day Tribute

With V-day quickly approaching, it’s difficult not to have love top of mind and here at Innovid, there’s nothing we love more than video! We could harp on for days about why video is #bae, but we figured we would, instead, just let these brands explain why incorporating video into your marketing strategy is #goals.


1. “Well, it’s no secret that nothing beats video in conveying deep and rich human emotions. And in today’s social-media-driven landscape, video is what makes your thumb stop scrolling on a news feed. And that’s important when you realize that brands aren’t competing in delineated ad space anymore, they are competing side by side with entertainment, personal media, and cultural trends.” -Charles Schwab

2. “Our consumers are increasingly viewing videos across their screen of choice, so we’re always looking for effective ways to engage with them during that experience,” -Juliet Corsinita, VP of media and sponsorships, Taco Bell

3. “It’s what brought this brand into the world. It’s what launched this brand. It helped get awareness by really spreading the word on what made us unique versus our competition in the early days.” “What video offers — and nothing else does in the creative landscape — is an amazing platform for storytelling.” -Adam Weber, CMO, Dollar Shave Club

4. “It’s important for us to push out content that’s engaging from beginning to end; we create content that reflects this goal, and we often see viewers stay engaged until the very last second.” -Jerome Hiquet, Tough Mudder CMO

5. “At Porch we believe whole-heartedly in the future of content being interactive, and video is key to our strategy,” -Joanna Lord, Porch.com, Vice President of Marketing


So there you have it! “Netflix and chill” isn’t the only way to cozy up with video—there’s a little something for everyone to love. Video gives “V-Day” a whole new meaning.

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