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3 Must-Know Tips for Better Facebook Video Marketing

With more than 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has garnered a mass following of consumers around the world—and also created a name for itself as a top channel for video engagement. But Facebook is a unique channel, and thus requires unique video marketing to follow suit. That’s why you, as a marketer, are always looking for better ways to get your audience’s attention. Thankfully, scaling your video strategy to Facebook doesn’t have to involve going out and creating a bunch of new videos—your existing video assets will work just fine. This way you and your creative agency can get back to your big picture video marketing stories.

If you’re looking to make your Facebook video more effective—or if you’re just getting started in the social video stratosphere, check out three of our top tips below:

1.     Optimize your videos for mobile-first experiences
More often than not, people are checking Facebook on their phones, so it’s no surprise that putting your mobile-first thinking cap on will help make your videos more effective. The first step is to resize your videos to be square or vertical/portrait, depending on which type of video you run. This will keep your video at an optimal ratio for the Facebook environment to ensure your brand can get noticed. You can also add a branded overlay to reinforce your brand’s presence or highlight key information about your products. And since your viewers may be watching on-the-go, without sound, you can add captions to ensure that all viewers know your brand story.

2.     Add interactivity to your Facebook videos
Interactive video provides a platform for immersive story telling that can yield an average of 41 seconds of additional time spent with your viewers, so why not scale that engagement into your social strategy? Adding interactive features creates an experiential story using content that you already have at your disposal. This can include adding product photos or other video content—including additional how-to videos that can live within your Facebook video to keep viewers engaged, rather than making them leave the app. Also, presenting multiple videos as a carousel within your Facebook video lets viewers pick and choose what they want to watch—giving them more opportunities to engage with your brand.

3.     Make your Facebook videos data-driven
Data-driven video isn’t just for paid media anymore. You can adapt scenes or elements within your videos to deliver the most relevant and personalized message to a particular viewer at any given time, based on known data points about that viewer—and scale this approach across each of your curated audience segments. Marketers can also use data-driven video to deliver a different video, overlay or video end card via promoted posts your viewer’s news feeds.

There are growing opportunities to make your video marketing on Facebook more engaging and relevant for your audiences, so don’t let another impression pass you by without taking advantage of these capabilities.

To find out how we can help you drive more engagement with your Facebook video marketing, contact us and we’ll handle the rest.