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4 Scary Monsters That Frighten Media Strategists (and How to Escape the Fear)


It’s Halloween, always a time to contemplate what scares us. As human beings we all have our fears. Maybe it’s heights. Or sharks. Or commitment.  

In our jobs, we all have a few things that scare us, and media strategists are no different. There’s trepidation about the approaching era of 100% digital TV, connected TV’s rise, and the converged TV disconnect

In recognition of this somewhat frightening era, we here at Innovid have compiled a brief list of what should scare media buyers these days (and how to overcome these fears). 

Read on, if you dare!

Your data is mummified and kept under wraps

Is the data you need from your converged TV advertising campaign under wraps? Is your measurement data wrapped so tight, you can’t even get at the information you need to make optimization decisions? In this increasingly digital world of TV advertising, far too many media strategists find they can’t access their data soon enough or fast enough.  

How to reverse the curse of the mummy. Innovid can help. The InnovidXP platform provides easy and immediate access to performance data. And our new Instant Optimization feature uses machine learning to leverage that XP signal to automatically optimize your highest converting ads to deliver maximum ROI. 

Vampires are sucking up all of your time

A vampire that bites your neck and sucks your blood? That’s bad. What’s even worse? The giant time suck that optimizing converged TV ad campaigns can be for brand and agency professionals. Innovid’s recent research found that 55.7% of advertisers spent more than half of their time optimizing their campaigns. 

How to drive a stake through that vampire’s heart. On a single platform, InnovidXP enables both measurement and optimization on converged TV ad campaigns, delivering increasing efficiency and effectiveness.   

Frankensteining data together from too many sources

Are you measuring on one platform (or more) and optimizing on another? Innovid’s recent research showed that almost two-thirds (62.6%) of brand and agency professionals are measuring on one platform and optimizing on another. That’s the converged TV disconnect, and it leads to inefficiency and ineffectiveness.  

How to avoid Frankenstein’s monster. Our research found that 60.3% of advertisers believe their converged TV optimization efforts are falling short of “very good.” Using InnovidXP, Canva was able to avoid the multi-platform Frankenstein effect and bridge the converged TV disconnect by shifting its budget to the most effective media, raising spending by 13% to 20% on placements that were driving ROI.  

Running zombie campaigns

A zombie campaign is one in need of a brain. Media strategists no longer want to “set it and forget it” when it comes to their converged TV advertising campaigns. Instead, they want to use their brains; they want to use measurement to gain insight, and then turn that insight into action by optimizing the creative and media for their campaigns. It’s the pathway to increased ROAS.

How to outrun the zombies. Innovid is the way to quell your fears. Visit this page to watch a short video to see how InnovidXP enables media strategists to measure and optimize on a single platform, ensuring that none of your campaigns are in search of brains. They have all of the intelligence they need. 

Learn more about InnovidXP, which can help guarantee that your biggest fear this Halloween is running out of Skittles and Snickers.