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*New* Ad Authoring Tool: Adobe Animate Composer

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Here’s a tricky question: how many versions of your ad are needed to personalize? For some instances it’s ten, for others it can be thousands. No matter the answer, one thing is consistent across advertisers, developing ads needs to be flexible enough to inspire creativity and automated enough to cut out the manual work for creative teams.

Brands everywhere are on the hunt for tools to optimize and accelerate the ad building process. Need proof? Just look at how the ad tech industry is booming

In looking to create a gold standard tool, many ad tech providers or ad servers take on the task of building purpose built tools to accomplish an easy to use one-stop solution for this, commonly known as “Ad Builders”. Initially these seem like a handy solution, streamlining the development process into pre-set templates for the most commonly used ad types. Once you dig into the details though, creatives quickly find out these tools are more about simplifying an ad’s creative than about simplifying their workflows.

From omitted features to frequent changes (and the paired trainings those bring) — or total deprecation due to cost-priority decisions by these providers — they’re far from intuitive. Plus, you need to build a creative twice (once in design software, and again in HTML). So, clearly, Ad Builders might not be the quickest route and worse they limit the scope of what you can accomplish.

I want to ask a less difficult question now. What software does your creative team like to use? Because that’s what you should be developing with.

At Innovid our approach to ad authoring is simple: use the tools you know and love. Our Composer Suite, which includes After Effects, Photoshop, Google Web Designer and CTV Composer, execution on your personalized approach less time- and sanity-consuming. Your team can design and develop in tandem, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best: making beautiful, immersive ads.

Naturally, with this methodology we’re constantly expanding to our offering to ensure there’s no limitation on what you can build. That’s why we’re proud to present our newest addition, Adobe Animate Composer!

Introducing Adobe Animate Composer

With Adobe Animate Composer, you can now author dynamic display ads in a timeline-based HTML authoring environment–designed to resemble the best features of Flash. The mission behind Adobe Animate Composer is to simplify the dynamic ad development process.

Now, dynamic ads that include interactivity and timeline-based animations can be handled through a seamless workflow between complementary tools like Photoshop and After Effects. 

Thanks to Adobe Animate, building complex display ads is simplified. You can directly import Photoshop files (PSDs) without the need to slice, resize, or re-align.

Animations are handled in a visual method that allows you to see the changes you make in real-time. Interactivity has both pre-set functions to save time, while also giving the open-ended flexibility to create whatever you can think up. And finally, once development is done, you can import your ad into Innovid’s platform with a simple, packaged .zip upload.

All in all, Adobe Animate Composer brings several standout features for development that are amplified through their pairing with Innovid’s simplified dynamic mapping and upload. Our tools are focused on empowering creatives by integrating with the software already in their workflow, and Adobe Animate Composer brings exciting new functionality. We can’t wait to see what your teams will build.

Exciting stuff, when can I expect Adobe Animate Composer? 

Our Beta phase, i.e. a select group of clients have access for testing, is ongoing now. If you’d like to take part please reach out to your Innovid representative.  


Adobe Animate Composer comes as an exciting step for our Innovid Composer Suite. It further simplifies the creative process, enabling more personalization at scale. Not to mention, it makes day-to-day workflows a whole lot more intuitive and speedy for brands everywhere. 

Innovid is dedicated to improving the ad building process. As such, we’ll continue to update you on our latest releases. Want to stay in the loop? 📲 Check in on our blog regularly, or sign up for our newsletter to get news straight to your inbox.