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Case Study – Haleon Heals + Personalizes at Scale with Innovid DCO


So, what's the secret to personalizing ads at scale for multiple audience groups across multiple channels? Build 343 unique creative versions, in less than one hour. Just kidding! But you can leverage Innovid’s dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology to do just that. And that’s exactly what we did for Haleon.

Our latest case study highlights how Haleon, the largest consumer health company in the world, used Innovid to target audience groups with personalized messaging in a campaign promoting the pain relief medication, Voltaren. Side effects include: A 94% increase in video clickthrough rate (CTR) vs. brand benchmarks, on top of 12% more efficient spend.

Oh — Haleon also scaled those personalized ad experiences across video and display ads. A  painless process when you use Innovid’s DCO tools to match segmentation with relevant messaging in a quick, replicable fashion.

Get in on the medicine. Access the full case study to unlock the stats on how Haleon partnered with Innovid to drive more views, increase video and display CTR, boost speed-to-market, and realize major cost efficiency. 

The joy of personalization at scale awaits you here.