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Case Study – InnovidXP x Compulse Turbocharge Converged TV for National Law Firm


Advertising in the highly competitive legal sector is no easy feat, especially when it comes to testing the waters across converged TV (linear + CTV + digital). But what if you could sail the sea of cross-platform advertising confidently, extending your reach and boosting campaign performance? Well, you might just experience a 125% lift in response rate …

Learn how Compulse used InnovidXP’s cross-platform measurement insights to shape a successful converged TV strategy for a prestigious national law firm – driving reach, conversions, and the confidence to increase TV investments by extending its campaign flight and rolling out to new markets.

Here's a quick preview of what you’ll find in the case study:

  • How Innovid’s data-backed insights allowed the law firm to understand the value of adding streaming advertising into its video mix
  • Why Compulse was able to deliver improved campaign reach and performance with the help of InnovidXP’s cross-platform and outcomes-based metrics
  • The incredible results of converged TV advertising! By increasing ad spend across both linear and streaming, this law firm experienced a 125% lift in response rate and an 88% increase in free case evaluations compared to its previous linear-only campaign.

Don't miss out on details. Delve into the full case study here.

InnovidXP empowers advertisers to measure the KPIs that matter and to analyze reach and outcomes at scale, across platforms. Learn more with our "Hitchhiker's Guide" to converged TV measurement, here.