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Extra Credit: Innovid Earns New MRC Accreditation!

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Innovid can officially add 1 more MRC accreditation across 3 environments to our credentials! 

Recently, we were certified for display site-served tracked ads. This comes as an addition to our existing MRC accreditations, which include video rendered ad impressions (desktop, mobile web, mobile-in app, and CTV), video viewable ad impressions (desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app), and display rendered ad impressions (desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app). And, fun fact actually, we were the first buy-side ad server for video rendered impressions on CTV.

Here’s everything you need to know about the news. 

What’s an MRC accreditation? 

No bad questions here, especially this one. The Media Rating Council (MRC) is a nonprofit, U.S.-based organization that oversees accreditation for media research and rating purposes. The organization’s primary objectives are summarized as follows. 

  1. Ensure services are valid, reliable, and effective. 
  2. Advance and outline minimum disclosure and ethical criteria. 
  3. Supply and execute an audit system to inform users and establish a criteria for media measurement.

MRC audit activities involve different methods of media related measurement across various channels, including digital, out-of-home (OOH), print, radio, television, and cross-platform. 

To learn more about their guidelines, you can find their standards here

What does the MRC audit process look like?

In Innovid’s case, the audit timeline generally takes 5-7 months from start to finish. However, throughout the entire year it is essential to perform self assessments as well as risk assessments in order to continue to meet the standards laid out by the MRC. Specifically, Innovid works continuously to meet the requirements, while also looking out for new developments within the industry.

What does Innovid’s new MRC accreditation mean?

So, Innovid is now MRC accredited for “tracked ads” for site-served display ads. But what exactly does that mean and entail?

The MRC defines an impression event as “begin to render”. Meaning, a delivery state where an ad’s content must start to render to be considered an impression.“Tracked ads”, on the other hand, is a metric recorded prior to “begin to render”. Since display site-served ads can’t indicate whether an impression is being fired at “begin to render”, it defaults to a “tracked ads” definition.  

For clients, this means there’s an additional layer of quality assurance for running site-served display ads through Innovid. Meaning, whether your ad is video or display, third party served or site-served, you can ensure metrics are always valid and credible, no matter the tag format. 

“MRC congratulates Innovid on extending the range of its MRC-accredited metrics resulting from our latest audit,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC.  “Innovid’s commitment to quality measurement is longstanding, and this achievement is but the latest demonstration of that.”

Innovid’s accredited metrics now officially encompass the following scope.

  • Video impressions in desktop
  • Video impressions in mobile web
  • Video impressions in mobile app
  • Video impressions in CTV
  • Video viewable impressions and related viewability metrics
  • Display impressions in desktop
  • Display impressions in mobile web
  • Display impressions in mobile app
  • Display site served tracked ads in desktop
  • Display site served tracked ads in mobile web
  • Display site served tracked ads in mobile app

Final remarks 

Our new MRC accreditation is great news for Innovid clients. And we’ll continue keeping you posted on Innovid updates you should know. 

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