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Harmony Direct: A More Efficient CTV Supply Path (Video)


In a world where supply path issues are sucking billions of dollars out of the CTV advertising ecosystem, a solution has arrived. Introducing Harmony Direct from Innovid. 

In this short three-minute video, Harmony Product Lead Shamim Samadi explains the power of Innovid’s new Harmony Direct product to make the CTV ecosystem more effective, efficient, and sustainable for brands, agencies, publishers, and tech partners. 

Watch the video, and you’ll learn the answers to these burning questions:

  • How can a buy-side ad server add value to the CTV advertising ecosystem?
  • How does Harmony Direct connect the buy side and the publisher side of the CTV ecosystem?
  • What’s the value that a more efficient supply path brings to the CTV ecosystem?
  • What results have brands and publishers already realized using Harmony Direct? 

Spend three minutes watching this video, and Shamim will show you how to boost your working media by up to 8% if you’re a brand. And how to increase your yield by 15% if you’re a publisher. 

Learn more about Harmony Direct.