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Innovid Expands DoubleVerify Integration to Automate the DV Video OmniTag for Verification of Media Quality

There's no doubt that scalability and efficiency are two of the driving factors for marketers when selecting their preferred partners. This is perhaps nowhere more important than when selecting third-party measurement partners, especially when it comes to protecting your video investments. Today, Innovid is excited to announce that our integration with DoubleVerify now supports the automation of the DV Video OmniTag, a solution purpose-built to scale while ensuring protection and monitoring for fraud/SIVT, brand safety and suitability, viewability and geographic violations. 

First developed in 2014, this newly enhanced integration provides advertisers with a one-stop solution for monitoring their media quality across all devices - including CTV - while shortening their overall speed-to-market by up to seventy-two hours. Additionally, this enhancement automatically enables DV’s Video Complete solution which includes campaign monitoring, pre-bid avoidance, post-bid blocking, and DV Video Filtering, an MRC-accredited innovation, across all devices.

“Transparency and interoperability are critical to identifying fraud in CTV environments,” says Innovid’s Chief Product Officer, Dale Older. “Our expanded integration with DoubleVerify not only protects our mutual clients’ media investments but also their time investment through our automated integration.”

“DV Video Complete enables advertisers to authenticate the quality of their video campaigns and protect brand equity across all digital screens including CTV,” says DoubleVerify’s CPO, Jack Smith, “We are excited to enable Innovid clients to leverage DV Video Complete more seamlessly by easily activating the DV Video OmniTag directly in Innovid.” 

Check out more about the benefits of Innovid’s integrations at https://www.innovid.com/marketer-solutions/primary-ad-serving/ and DoubleVerify’s Spotlight blog post about Innovid here