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Case Study —  From Hurdles to High-Speed: Hybrid Ad Serving Helps Pharma Advertiser Increase Speed to Market


Advertising in the pharma industry presents unique hurdles with strict regulations and lengthy approval processes. But what if you could navigate these challenges while going to market faster? Discover how CMI Media Group and its partner agency, Compas, took control of their campaigns and speed to market with hybrid ad serving.

Our newest case study highlights how Innovid worked with CMI Media Group and Compas to develop a custom, hybrid approach to their advertising initiatives that enabled the agencies to distribute ads independently, without compromising speed or support.

Here’s a sneak peek of the case study:

  • Seamless Shift to Self-Service: While Innovid historically managed and trafficked the agencies’ digital campaigns, CMI Media Group and Compas effortlessly transitioned to owning campaign activation, thanks to Innovid's comprehensive onboarding and live platform training sessions. 

  • Empowered Ad Management: In this hybrid approach, CMI Media Group and Compas gained independence with direct access to Innovid’s ad management platform, while Innovid expertly handled the creative production end to ensure engagement and adherence to strict pharma regulations.

  • Remarkable Results: The hands-on-keyboard approach empowered CMI Media Group and Compas to get into market quickly and confidently across advertisers with reduced turnaround times — saving an average of 46 hours per campaign!

Don't miss out on this transformative case study. Download the full report here.