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Innovid Launches "The CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024"


It’s here! Innovid has launched The CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024: Your Data-Driven Source for CTV Performance Trends. Based on our unmatched data set, this annual report analyzes the 380 billion video ad impressions that our ad server delivered in 2023.  

Innovid has an unprecedented view into streaming viewership. That means we have invaluable insight for CTV advertisers, agencies, and publishers. Our data-driven report helps the entire ecosystem understand how to connect, engage, measure, and drive outcomes in a media world increasingly dominated by CTV. 

Here are key high-level findings from the report:

  • 53% of Innovid’s total video ad impressions in 2023 were CTV, which represented an increase of 12% over last year. The bottom line is that consumers are flocking to CTV (and leaving traditional linear TV behind). Advertisers understand this fact, and are boosting their spending on CTV advertising. 
  • 87% was the unique reach for campaigns using five or few publishers and 7.42 was the average frequency across all CTV campaigns. CTV provides advertisers unprecedented “Goldilocks” control to ensure that your reach and frequency level is neither too high nor too low — but just right. 
  • Advanced interactive CTV advertising delivers 10.3x higher engagement than desktop and 4.6x higher engagement than mobile. It’s proof that the television, the biggest screen in the house, delivers top-end engagement.   

As the 100% digital future of television approaches, this report grows more important for the advertising industry every year. Here are three trends that underscore the increasing role of CTV advertising:

  • Sports are increasingly moving to streaming. Paramount+’s February broadcast of the Super Bowl was the most streamed sporting event in history. 
  • With the increase of AVOD on top publishers, CTV is now a critical part of the advertising mix. 
  • By 2027, advertising on CTV will surpass $40 billion annually, according to eMarketer projections.

The CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024 is packed with stats on reach and frequency across vertical industries, spotlights the performance of advanced creative, and features impressive CTV advertising case studies. 

Download the report today.