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Innovid's Continuing Focus on the Future of TV Advertising Measurement



We want to congratulate the Joint Industry Council (JIC) on taking the first step to recommend multi-platform currency vendors, and continue to clarify that Innovid is not pursuing a currency strategy nor are we focused on multi-platform currency as a business. As such, we did not expect to be selected as part of this process.

Innovid is currently delivering measurement solutions in the converged linear and CTV landscape today through our InnovidXP solution for brands, agencies, and publishers, and consistently focused on the future, anticipating a 100% digitally delivered TV landscape sooner rather than later. Our investment today is in both linear and accredited, near-census-level, impression-based OTT measurement solutions—from reach and frequency through to incremental reach and outcomes—and enhancing our already natively-connected solutions, increasing the ease of value creation for our customers.

Innovid was purpose-built for the future of TV, and to succeed in the future TV ecosystem, brands, agencies, and publishers need a partner native to streaming. We are not scrambling to keep up with this massive shift; we are leading from the front and have been moving toward this change in the industry landscape since our inception more than 16 years ago.

  • As an ad server, we are the only player that has an unparalleled and unprecedented view into the streaming universe. 
  • As a personalization platform, we deeply understand, through AI and insights, the power of optimized experiences.
  • As a cross-platform measurement provider, with InnovidXP built on top of this foundation, we are uniquely positioned to help brands and agencies gauge performance against their unique business goals, and help publishers prove the value of their inventory. 

All of our solutions, together in one platform, enable more than insights; they enable optimization actions that drive business results.

And through the Innovid platform, we already enable brands like GM, Verizon, and P&G and publishers like Disney, Comcast, NBCU, Roku, TEGNA, and Tubi to deliver better TV advertising experiences that consumers love.

Regarding the JIC multi-currency selection process and its next steps, we know that Innovid is in the best position to support the industry as a foundational data and technology partner and proposed as such in JIC’s RFI. 

  • Our video impressions are MRC-accredited, and we undergo yearly audits. 
  • Our ad server delivers over a billion impressions a day—the equivalent of 300 years of video content daily—to nearly every CTV household in the U.S. and aggregates over six billion data points from that content. 
  • Most interestingly, given our position as the ad server and, therefore, the “digital source of truth,” Innovid is already the digital data source for many of the alternative currency providers participating in JIC. 

We are currently in conversations with OpenAP and the JIC leadership about a possible non-currency related partnership and will share more when the time is right. We look forward to seeing what the JIC has planned to address the future of all-digital TV advertising. 

We all know TV advertising is poised to get even better and Innovid will be at the center of it.