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Innovid’s NEW Self-Paced Certification is Here

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If you’re passionate about Innovid and learning more about our products (and let’s face it–if you’re reading this then you likely are) then boy do we have news for you! Innovid is bringing even more ways to get familiar with our platform. Plus, you can earn a certification to boot.

Innovid’s Learning Center (powered by Looop) is our Learning Management System designed to provide you with an on-demand, self-paced, and customized learning experience for all of your campaign management and creative needs. 

In case you’re not familiar with it, or if you simply want a refresher, Innovid’s Learning Center:

  • Provides access to personalized and on-demand content, so you and your team can access relevant training when you need it.
  • Scales your team’s onboarding, so everyone, regardless of region or time zone, has equal access.
  • Better ensures understanding and retention through digestible micro-learning, assessments, and certifications.
  • Enables your team to easily track activity and completion with our intuitive analytics dashboard.

What is the certification? 

Innovid is now offering clients an opportunity to get certified in using our solutions, at their own pace, through an online learning platform. We’re providing self-service partners with on-demand access to comprehensive training, including videos and step-by-step documentation. Plus, you can dive deeper into Innovid with digestible micro-learning and self-assessments, designed to ensure not only a better onboarding experience but information retention over time. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Full-scope training: Gain personalized training (through on-demand courses and content) and documentation to confidently execute within Innovid’s platform.
  • Knowledge tracking: Test your knowledge with thorough assessments and certifications.
  • Universal accessibility: Scale your team’s learning and onboarding. 

Why now? 

The pandemic certainly accelerated remote learning, but alongside that came TikTok, YouTube, and Zoom. Collectively, there’s a growing acknowledgement of how people learn at different speeds, times of day, and other factors. So, Innovid wanted to provide that flexibility too. 

When and where can I start using the self-service certification now? 

Glad you share our enthusiasm! You can get started now by reaching out to your Innovid contact.

Enjoy the knowledge, and we’ll continue to keep you updated on the latest Innovid news!