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Life as a Product Manager at Innovid

Being a Product Manager at Innovid is probably the closest you’ll get to being an entrepreneur without actually being one. The role is equally challenging and rewarding; it involves setting the product vision, defining metrics and goals, reaching alignment across team members and stakeholders, and executing to the highest standards. You’ll be running the show, creating your own processes to get things done.

Product Managers at Innovid are essentially mini CEOs of their business unit. Compared to many other tech companies, you’ll have more control over strategies and key decision-making. Here are some of the key responsibilities you might find yourself fulfilling:

Staying on Top of the Market
At Innovid, Product Managers need to have a good understanding of the market, the competition, and the users. Knowing the user is an integral part of everything a Product Manager does, from creating product strategies to designing the product itself. You’ll conduct extensive market research to stay on top of the market range and will look for opportunities to enhance and optimize existing products.

Developing Ideas and Designing Product Roadmaps
Of course, one of the most exciting aspects of being a Product Manager is coming up with new ideas. Based on the research you’ve done, you’ll look for new opportunities, develop transformative ideas, and pitch them internally to other stakeholders. You’ll then translate these ideas into concrete strategies and roadmaps.

Acting as a Bridge 
Teamwork is important in any product management role, but at a truly global company like Innovid, it is integral. You’ll be the link between multiple teams — including design, engineering, marketing, and finance — and will ensure everyone is focused on a common goal.

While being able to balance all of the above is fundamental, embodying our core values will guarantee success in the role: be generous, be unbeatable, and be daring. If Innovid sounds like the place for you, whether you’re a Product Manager or not, check out our open positions here and follow us on LinkedIn!