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Innovid Unlocks the Power of InnovidXP Self-Learning for Media Partners


Operating within the rapidly changing environment of today’s TV market, media companies must continuously adapt to stay competitive. Keeping pace means ensuring your employees have the right knowledge and skills. Of course, everyone learns differently and at their own pace, so Innovid is pleased to introduce on-demand access to self-paced, micro-learning for our valued media provider partners and their teams. Access to this level of self-learning is the most efficient and scalable way to get your employees trained and ready to better achieve your business goals.

What is the InnovidXP Certification Program?

InnovidXP is Innovid’s converged TV measurement platform, operating across both linear and streaming. It is highly flexible and you can configure it to deliver a range of TV advertising insights including:

  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Unique reach
  • Reach extension 
  • Web and app outcomes

Using InnovidXP to measure advertiser campaign performance makes it easy to demonstrate the effectiveness of your inventory and prove advertiser business outcomes.

Our Certification Program makes it easier than ever for our InnovidXP partners to add value to their advertisers. We’ve done all the work in outlining the learning needs and creating relevant training for both broadcasters and streamers, and we’ve customized the content depending on whether you’re using InnovidXP for measurement, outcomes, or both!

Our InnovidXP Certification Program is structured to:

  • Provide access to personalized, engaging, on-demand content, so your team can access relevant training as they need it, regardless of region or time zone. 
  • Promote understanding and retention through digestible micro-learning, assessments, and certifications.
  • Enable easy tracking of activity and completion of individual learning pathways.

We also make it easy for your learners to access our certification. You can choose whether to have them access it directly via Innovid’s Learning Center (our client-facing learning management system), or we’ll share a downloadable package, so that the materials can be customized and hosted on your (or your partner’s) learning platform of choice.

How do I get started? 

Simply reach out to your Innovid point of contact today, and we’ll get you set up with either access to Innovid’s Learning Center or a downloadable package of our certification materials!

Interested in learning more about InnovidXP? Visit here.