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Streaming Is a Part of Everyday Life, and So Is Shoppable CTV Advertising

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In February 2024, Roundel, Target’s retail media network, surveyed 2,876 Target guests to understand how they watch and stream content, their CTV purchase preferences, and how they interact with advertising. 

The findings — which are explored in detail in CTV x Commerce: Data-Driven Insights to Reach Shoppers with CTV Advertising, a joint report produced by Roundel and Innovid — are clear. Shoppers are increasingly streaming content; they will interact with CTV advertising; and many of them say they make purchases via shoppable ads. 

91% of Target guests subscribe to streaming services

The survey found that streaming is a part of everyday life for the vast majority of Target shoppers, and its role is continuing to expand. While 91% of Target guests subscribe to streaming services – the same as 2023 – the number of hours devoted to streaming during the average week grew from 15.6 hours to 22 hours, representing an increase of 40%.  

Especially now with live sports and events moving to CTV, Target guests are high adopters in the streaming space, and continue to add new services: 57% have streamed live events in the past 12 months and 53% have subscribed to a service just to watch a specific show or event.

Among Target guests, 57% use a streaming service supported by ads. This may be a sign that inflation is leading shoppers to consider price-conscious options. As we see greater adoption around free, ad-supported streaming TV, this opens up more opportunities for advertisers to better connect with shoppers across ad inventory that meets them where they are spending time.

The Streaming Shopper: A Viewing Snapshot

The majority of guests spread that time across an average of 3+ streaming services, and here’s a snapshot of how they watch: 

CTV Advertising & Commerce

With streaming becoming a growing part of people's lives, there's an opportunity to deepen engagement and generate commerce directly through the biggest screen in the house via interactive functions like QR codes, product galleries, and more. With second-screen devices, which most viewers have nearby or in-hand while streaming, consumers can easily engage in shopping behaviors. This can include using a second device to browse or learn more about products right from their living room.

Target guests report feeling comfortable spending ~$30 when making purchases from their TV. Here are some other findings from the survey that underscore Target guests’ willingness to respond to and interact with ads they see on television:

To learn more about how consumers are streaming TV and how advertisers can best reach them via shoppable ads, download the CTV x Commerce 2024 report today.