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The Inaugural Global Innolympics Games

The Olympics are obviously a big deal here at Innovid, but as the world bids adieu to Tokyo 2021, we’re reflecting on another spirited global competition. Today marks the end of the week-long Innolympics, a company-wide event consisting of lots of daring games, lots of laughs, and even more friendly competition.

Of course, the games began with a torch ceremony that featured our Co-Founder and CEO Zvika Netter lighting the Innolympics cauldron. Employees around the globe tuned in to watch the fiery event (not to worry — our New York office still stands) and to open their Innolympics swag boxes together. Armed with headbands, workout towels, and more, we split off into teams to tackle the challenges ahead.


While new Olympics sports like karate and surfing debuted in Tokyo, the Innolympics took things even further. In addition to writing (and performing) original company anthems, doing acroyoga, and creating our best mocktails using whatever we had in the kitchen, we... 

Tested the laws of gravity to see if someone would just float away. (Disney made it look so easy.)

innolympics innovid company culture

Tried our hand at drawing a portrait of Zvika.

Innolympics Innovid CEO and Co-Founder Zvika Netter

Explored how we’d fare as stowaways. (Can you tell we miss traveling?)

Innolympics - Innovid Employees - Suitcases

After a shenanigans-filled week, we’re happy to announce that team Serving on Irving — which included members from marketing, product operations, and more — took home the gold! Congratulations to all of our 2021 Innolympians. We’ll see you at the next one!

Interested in joining the next Innolympics? Take a look at our open positions!