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The Surge in QR Code Usage Has Serious Lasting Power

Back at the very beginning of 2020, I remember staying up, coffee in hand, researching predictions and behavioral changes we were about to see in the coming year. Then, almost immediately, I remember scrapping all those plans and working on predictions to match the dominant trends we would see in a (say it with me now) unprecedented year. But the funny thing about those “trends” is how they’re still going strong in 2021, and as we’re now entering 2022, they show no signs of slowing down.

One of the strongest behavior changes was a rise in the need for contactless ways to engage. Across supermarkets, restaurants, and retail, QR codes became the standard for driving customers to second-screen experiences; whether it be a menu, registration page, or online purchase. In fact, in a study conducted by Insider Intelligence on Trends to Watch in 2022, they found “75% of respondents are looking to use more QR codes in the future,” ​suggesting that while QR codes got their foot in the door through a contactless world, their ease and convenience have serious lasting power.

And marketers have taken note. QR codes have become more than a way to adapt to contactless behaviors, but also a method for transforming awareness-based assets into experiences that can drive direct action. This has been most apparent in CTV, where QR code usage has grown rapidly due to their ability to drive TV viewers to second-screen experiences. They’re going beyond the expectations of the traditional commercial break by providing viewers with a way to convert that doesn’t interrupt the content they’re consuming. In turn, viewers are rewarding those advertisers with impressive results.

One example of this is CT Lottery. In Fall 2021, CT Lottery approached Innovid with the goal of increasing awareness and promoting their game, KENO. They already had a successful pre-roll campaign underway but wanted to see how they could complement those videos by driving people to their mobile site to learn more.

Innovid’s creative team built and executed a canvas unit to accompany CT Lottery’s existing video assets. To boost awareness, KENO-specific messaging surrounded a video experience. To drive conversions for further learning, a QR code was included that linked to game information on their site, and the performance speaks for itself.

CT Lottery

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Source: Insider Intelligence’s Mobile Trends to Watch in 2022