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Video Recap: Connected Vision 2024


At the New York Stock Exchange, Innovid recently held Connected Vision 2024, an event that brought together industry leaders to discuss the challenges of the CTV advertising ecosystem. 

At this event, Innovid also introduced our new Harmony initiative, a series of products designed to ensure that the mistakes of digital advertising’s past do not encroach on the CTV advertising of the future. 

Watch the video recap of Connected Vision 2024, which includes key highlights from the event. 

On stage, industry leaders from the ANA, 4A’s Ad Net Zero, Marketecture, Roku, PMG, and the Goodway Group discussed the key challenges in the CTV ecosystem: inefficiency, lack of transparency and control, and problematic carbon emissions. 

Referring to the ANA’s Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study, Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA, identified, on the Connected Vision stage, a key sign of inefficiency in programmatic advertising. “We've all, I think, seen the different cost waterfalls in programmatic, and so ours showed an advertiser spends $1 by the time the consumer has the opportunity — the opportunity — to see the ad, that dollar goes to 36 cents,” he said. 

To address this inefficiency and other CTV advertising ecosystem challenges, Innovid unveiled a key part of our Harmony initiative at the event: Harmony Direct. Shamim Samadi, Harmony Product Lead, Innovid, described how Harmony Direct addresses key CTV ecosystem issues. 

“Because there's a limited number of CTV publishers at scale, we can do these sorts of integrations, and what that does is it creates increased working media for buyers and simpler work workflow … and a more sustainable supply path,” he said. “And on the publisher side, (it creates) increased yield, better working media, and also sustainability.”  

In beta tests, Harmony Direct delivered strong results for brands (boosts in working media of up to 8%) and for publishers (yield increases of up to 15%). 

Innovid CEO & Co-founder Zvika Netter closed out Connected Vision by underscoring his belief that Innovid’s Harmony initiative has the power to change CTV advertising for the better. “Harmony is such a big deal as an initiative because it can actually make a difference.” 

Learn more about how you can make your CTV advertising better with Innovid’s Harmony initiative.